Downloadable Cut Files Instructions

Downloadable Cut Files

Our designs may be used for various applications and with many types of cuttable media, including adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, paper, and fabric.

Your download will arrive as one zipped file including versions of the design in DXF, SVG, GSP, JPG and PDF formats.  This zip file will also be emailed to you, so if you forget to download it from the checkout page, don’t worry!

Before opening any files in your design software, save the individual files in a folder on your computer. Then, from your design software, open the file you wish to use.

There may be layers in the design depending on the file type. Cutting lines may not appear until you select cutting preferences in your software, or hover the cursor over the design.

Before resizing the design or moving it on the screen, “select all” to see if it opened as one group or multiple groups. If multiple groups are shown, group the entire design before manipulating it on your screen. In designs with more than one element, elements may be ungrouped for editing with your software’s “ungroup” command. You may then regroup by color for efficiency in cutting different colors of media.

Which file format you use will depend on your cutting machine and software.

DXF – Compatible with Silhouette Studio Basic (Free) Edition
SVG – Compatible with Silhouette Designer Edition, Cricut Design Space, Sure Cuts a Lot, Make the Cut
GSP – Allows you to cut via Silhouette machine from an SD card without requiring a computer
JPG – Provided as an example of the design and may be opened in most software, but note that it is a full-color, static image without cutting lines; elements cannot be ungrouped
PDF – Similar to JPG in that it can be used to see an example of the design, but it too is a full-color, static image without cutting lines, and elements cannot be ungrouped