About Swanky Rex

Welcome to Swanky Rex!  Hi!! I’m Brittany, a creativity slayer of all things crafty!  My brain never quits thinking of new things to create and I pour my heart and soul into everything I make!  I quit my job as a teacher to turn my passion into a small business and I love what I do!

I love DIY anything and everything, I never want to stop learning.  Growing up, my mom always had a giant closet full of pipe cleaners, glitter glue, pom pom balls, paint, etc., so from a very early age, I’ve loved to craft.  I now have a mini craft closet of my own, and I’m always making something! My poor husband never knows what kind of crazy creativity he is going to come home to!

Even though I have quit teaching, I never want to stop sharing my experiences and passions! Blogging is my way of sharing and I hope you enjoy my enthusiasm for all things crafty!

I’m also very excited to share a travel blog, with my husband, called Dream the Day Away, where we share our travel adventures!